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Aminul Islam Sultan

Managing Director

Masters from RU

Message from the Managing Director

I have been working in the security service world since 1995. Although there was once a demand for security service companies in private institutions, since the formation of the Bangladesh Awami League government in 2009, the quality and efficiency of security service companies to hire manpower through the procurement of tenders from government institutions has been increasing day by day.

Our company is also moving forward in the same direction. Earlier, the number of customers of private organizations was more, but since 2009, the number of government customers is increasing day by day due to the implementation of outsourcing policy-2018 in government organizations.

Although there is a notification of the Ministry of Labor in determining the wages of manpower in the private sector, it is almost not followed. If the government adopts a strict policy to ensure and collect the fair dues of the manpower in the private sector, it is possible to take this sector further.

Inexperienced and newly educated manpower entering this sector will develop themselves more work skills and later they will be able to try to give their best in different sectors.

Finally, this security service sector is playing a special role in creating new jobs in Bangladesh. To advance this security service sector, the help and cooperation of the government, private and common people is desirable. I conclude my speech.